Repairs & Maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance keeps your home or business plumbing at optimal function. A thorough inspection, cleaning, and/or upgrading and replacing parts can save you spending valuable dollars on emergency repairs. Plumbing maintenance is a low-cost investment that’s predictable, easy to budget for, and costs way less than an extensive plumbing overhaul after a burst pipe, big leak, or flooding.

Emergency Commercial Plumbing

We understand that clogged drains or plumbing problems can have a serious impact on your business. Any amount of downtime due to a malfunctioning plumbing system can lead to missed opportunities and an inability to serve clients. Kingfisher Plumbing provides experienced commercial plumbers, state-of-the-art equipment and the know-how to fix your problem right away, so your business is back to normal as quickly as possible.

Most commercial sewer drain problems are the result of buildup of grease and food particles. Foreign objects such as straws, paper towels, mop strings, utensils, toys and feminine hygiene products can also cause blockages in a sink drain, floor drain, toilet or sewer pipe. Our Ridgid drain machine and hydro-jetter are just the thing for these blocked drains and our commercial plumbers are experts at operating these machines.


Tauranga's Blocked Drain Specialists

As is so often the case, especially in Tauranga, the main cause of sewer backups is the invasive nature of tree roots. Tree roots will encroach on and penetrate seemingly impervious soil as well as sewer pipes. Typically, tree roots form an intrusive root ball that block the flow of wastewater and cause the sewer to back up. Should you detect a foul odour emanating from your drains, tree roots may have infiltrated your sewer pipe system.

Our Ridgid drain machine is for the toughest of drain clearing jobs. The spring steel rods are fed down the drain and the high speed cutting action literally drills through obstructions in the drain line - perfect for tree roots.

Our hydrojetter is great for clearing silt and fat from drains and pushing out objects that block drains.

We now also have a new camera, designed to go down drains to establish the cause of blocked drains. We've found a lot of blocked drains recently have been the result of fibre cables being forced into pipes when the fibre has been installed. By sending the drain camera down we can confirm the cause of the blockages with minimal disruption.

Commercial Plumbing

Our skilled commercial plumbers can handle all of your commercial plumbing problems – from dripping faucets to water main & sewer line repair and replacement.

Our commercial plumbers have completed projects including schools, abattoirs, food treatment plants, sports complexes, a hydro slide, office blocks, hospitals, supermarkets, factories and commercial waste water treatment plants.

We understand how important it is with commercial clients to keep the tenants and the landlord informed of what is happening. We feel communication is as important as the commercial plumbing work we carry out.


New Housing

Kingfisher Plumbing brings to Tauranga a wealth of knowledge and experience to make the building of your new home an enjoyable and successful experience.

Plumbing is an integral part of any home. When you decide on building a new house, the design and installation of your plumbing system will be something you will have to live with for a long time, and if you get it wrong, it's not that easy to change further down the track.

Designs can incorporate from the water supply, right through to the tapware. They will also include all of the waste water drainage within the house. Getting it right will be one of the most important decisions you can make for your new home.

We will put together a package that will be complete and hassle free.


Butynol Waterproofing

Ardex Butynol is a synthetic rubber membrane with properties which resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. The BRANZ appraised product protects against water, moisture vapour, gases, sun, ozone, frost, acids, chemicals and bacteria. Butynol resists tearing, flex cracking, bubbling and abrasion. It is extremely strong, has a long life and is versatile.

Typical applications are roof membranes, external balconies and decks (protected) gutter linings, water containment (i.e. pillow tanks, reservoirs, pond liners), below grade applications.

When laid by an approved applicator in accordance with Ardex’s specifications, you are covered by material warranty for up to 20 years (covering the Membrane, adhesive and tape). Kingfisher Plumbing are accredited applicators for the Ardex range of waterproofing products.

For more information on Butynol, visit their website.

Parex Service Agents

Kingfisher installs and services this best-selling range of food waste disposers which make life easier and better, making kitchens clean, hygienic and environmentally responsible.

InSinkErator's Hot Taps dispense near boiling water from an under-sink hot water tank. The unit produces the perfect temperature for making hot drinks, speeding up the preparation cooking, and cleaning.

InSinkErator's MultiTap combines a mixer tap with a near boiling hot water lever to provide standard hot water, filtered cold and  98°C near-boiling water on the spot.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular choice and is suitable for new builds, extensions and major refurbishment projects.

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a network of cross-linked polyethylene pipes laid into the floor which spread heat throughout the whole house. The network of pipes cover the entire floor area so there are very few temperature variations, especially when compared with the more traditional methods using radiators.

Any floor type that conducts heat well is idea - tiles, wood, stones, or vinyl.

Warm and dry floors, inhibit the growth of house mites and draughts are all but eliminated meaning lower dust levels throughout the house– beneficial for asthma and allergy suffers.


Our plumbers are solar industry accredited solar hot water system installers.

A solar hot water system absorbs the energy from the sun in collector panels located on the roof of your home, and transfers that energy to the water stored in your hot water cylinder. Well-designed and installed solar water heating systems will meet 50-75% of your hot water needs using the sun's free energy.

We have installed a wide variety of solar hot water systems, sometimes in conjunction with wet backs and boilers.

Check out Energywise for more information on the benefits of solar hot water systems.