On Site Effluent Treatment Systems (OSET)

Quinn Armit, of Kingfisher Plumbing, is a credited and BOP Regional Council Approved OSET System Designer.

This means Kingfisher Plumbing can see you through right from the design stage, to installation of your OSET system, through to the required twice yearly maintenance of your waste water treatment system which is carried out March and September and covers Opotiki through to Rotorua and Waihi. To be added to our maintenance run sheet you can email office@kingfisherplumbing.co.nz

To discuss your effluent requirements give Quinn an email on quinn@kingfisherplumbing.co.nz

When there is no sewer for your property, you need an approved designed on site effluent system to ensure that your wastewater is discharged safely and that any effects are managed.

The system must have been tested and approved by the BOP Regional Council.

If you are building a new home this will be approved as part of the building consent process.

If you have a current on site system and this has failed, or if you are adding an extension/another dwelling on to your property, a new system must be designed to ensure it meets current standards.


Refer to the chart below to find out what applies to you and see the link below for more information.


BOP Regional Council - Managing Your Wastewater