Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

Kingfisher Plumbing is one of Tauranga's authorised installers for Hynds Wastewater Treatment Systems and Biocycle Systems. We can provide the wastewater treatment solution for you, including site inspection, design, building & resource consent applications, installation and regular servicing.

A wastewater treatment system will only perform as good as the service it receives. We can also offer a service contract to ensure ongoing optimum system performance. Two visits per annum are recommended to ensure compliance with Council rules and resource consent conditions.

Hynds Wastewater Treatment Systems are designed to suit specific site conditions and household requirements. Each system’s design includes an assessment of the local Council regulations, or consent conditions.

Hynds Lifestyle AdvancedKingfisher Plumbing - Wastewater treatment system

The Hynds Lifestyle ‘Advanced’ System is designed for an individual house of up to ten occupants. The treatment process is incorporated in a single precast concrete tank

  • High quality treatment performance
  • Household of up to 10 occupants
  • Maximum daily flow of up to 2000L/day
  • Number of tanks: 1
  • Total tank capacity: 8500 litres
Hynds Lifestyle Ultimate

The Hynds Lifestyle ‘Ultimate’ System offers advanced performance in the reduction of Total Nitrogen (TN), (tested and certified at the Environment Bay of Plenty Rotorua Trials - OSET)

  • Removes TN to below 15mg/L
  • Household of up to 10 occupants
  • Maximum daily flow of up to 2000L/day
  • Number of tanks: 1
  • Total tank capacity: 8500 litres
Hynds Lifestyle Elite

The Hynds Lifestyle ‘Elite’ System is designed for the larger home, or multiple dwellings. This system separates the primary and secondary treatment processes into two large tanks. The increased tank volumes also offer protection against surge flows that can affect system performance.

  • Household of up to 15 occupants (maximum 2 houses)
  • Maximum daily flow of up to 3000L/day
  • Number of tanks: 2
  • Total tank capacity: 13000 litres



Wastewater systemBiocycle Systems' specialty is being able to handle on-site domestic sewage disposal. This system has proven to work successfully in thousands of homes throughout New Zealand and in different countries around the world. It is accepted by all local authorities in New Zealand as a completely reliable sewage disposal system.

There are different Biocycle System options to suit different requirements, larger capacity tanks for large homes and complexes, septic tank conversion kits and surface or below ground irrigation systems.


Biocycle Systems make it possible to:

  • Provide a permanent solution to localised septic tank waste disposal
  • Protect the environment at the same time
  • Reuse waste-borne nutrients
  • Make better use of our resources


  • Odourless, user friendly system that enhances quality of life.
  • Provides re-use of valuable water.
  • Saves water and money.
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Protects our natural resources and our environment.
  • Infrequent de-sludging.
  • Single tank multi-chambered system, easier installation.

Visit Hynds and Biocycle for more info on the units.